Thursday, September 9, 2010

During my brothers visit, I decided to make some capes and skirts for my twin nieces, Scarlett and Louisa. Lou-Lou is into Super hero stuff, so I just thought i would do a girl version of a super cape with the fabric flower glued on. Blue for Lou and pink for Scarlie. Alternatively they could be used for aprons when they get older. The skirts were fun and easy to make no pattern, just cut and sew. I think they turned out cute and the fabric was easy to sew with. Next project more skirts, I have one complete so will post some more pics when I have finished some more which could be tonight while the footy is being watched.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Last week I got busy and made a heap of scrunchies for a friend who works in a Steiner School shop. So, here they are. I found them quite handy myself too, when i couldn't find a hair lacky I just dipped into the basket. Will definately makes some more as they are sooooo easy and fun. Quick result too!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Brett Loved this camouflage dinosaur material so when i made the cushion he claimed it as his own. The boys didn't get a look in

The pokemon gift bag and little beanbag was a gift for Harrisons friend..who is made keen about Pokemon.

the heat bags got packaged and given away. Note: to make some more for gifts.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fresh Lavender and Rice to fill the heat bags.

This afternoon Donnie, Deb and I gathered around her lavender bush to cut some fresh lavender, for the purpose of putting them into heat bags. A Little one for Ainsley to take with her and I thought I might as well make one
for Don, Deb and myself as we all love the smell of Lavender. A Little reminder of Don's garden for her when she leaves and settles into her new state and for her new " Humble " abode.
Tonight I whipped up this quick cushion to go with a nice black fleece throw of Harrisons, it goes well with the spider material. I placed it next to him in bed so when he wakes he will find it.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

These two are for my boys......and the rest are for gifts. They could also be used for marbles or anything really.
I have done more but i think u get the jist of the idea of what i made.

Then I found these cute hankies and turned them into pencil bags, with the drawstrings. The ones with the cute yo-yo flowers are for the twins Lou-Lou and Scarlett.

Sew what next???

These headbands were fun to make too................and pretty!

Well I have been venturing into a new hobby SEWING!!!! This interest has been sparked by my friend who sews. We have been creating together some gorgeous delectable felt play food for our kids check them out at Food from pizza to pasta, to sweet delights, icecreams, and fruit and vegetable, well one vegie at this stage.
So with the felt food inspiration came more sewing ideas and the thought that yes i can do this. Hence Jacks Chef outfit. Love the Green check, being his favourite colour it looks great on him.
Mum delighted me with the gift of a sewing machine for my b'day. These are some of the things I have begun to create.......OOOOO it's fun isn't it!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I am really excited to share so many little projects with you that i have been completing.

Recently I was given some frames to recycle and do something? with, thanks Don! I suddenly got inspired to recreate a new look for my front entrance area that has always been a difficult space to make work, that seems comfortable, as it is not a huge area.

Hiding in the shed was a very worn chest of drawers which i just love, and i had started to sand back some years ago( another incomplete project) anyhoo, thought i would just dust off the dust and move it back inside. I have added a great mirror that i picked up treasure hunting for $5.00.

Then too u can see in the pic, this is how i have it now. On the table top are some frames that i have made., going with the beachy theme.

I have been doing soooo many little projects this week it is really hard to share it all at once, so I am going to share a little each day for the next few days.

It is exactly the feel that is me, and i am so content in the earthy, rustic, beachy, shabby chic look, that completes my soul. So, all up one happy little crafter here. I have got the serious redecorate and craft bug its not funny, look out kids Mums on a creative roll, so don't stand in her way. I have managed to find time to feed and bath them, in between, and they have also helped me a little along the way..thanks

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Well as they say someones else's trash, someone else's treasure, which is the case this week when Don, was doing her clean out, she passed on some photo frames to me, in a variety of sizes and some craft boards. This Blue hessian, butterfly board is something i created today from one of them, actually i made 2, ready to sell at the next market. Staple gun, paint, hessian, and some ribbon pieces in my ribbon box...cost? Next to nothing.
These simple gift tags, have been stashed away for a few years now, i went mad on making them at some point, theyre still real pretty and will be put out for sale real cheap at my next upcoming market. I've put 6 in a bag and will sell for $1.00. Cheap!

A few weeks ago, when tripping thru one of my fav. weekend markets, my dear friend and I came across some gorgeous handmade mulberry paper. In many colours, so this week I made these pink envelopes with a sheet of it and stamped on a starfish. Bit cute i thought so i will be making some more......of course, more colours to experiment with.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Just a little bottle decorating, with food colour..looks really affective at night with the coloured lights.
On the back of the ute.

Koonacking adventure.

Below : Our new Guinea Pig G-Force. Above : View off the verandah past the wind spiral.

Had a fabulous long weekend!!! Joined friends for their wedding party, which was held on their farm, just a short drive and we were there. Old friends, and children everywhere about 30 or so! They had a ball, running free in the country side exploring and inventing games, they didn't stop all day. The company and food was brilliant and the day cam to an end. Rather late for myself and a few others that sat around the kitchen table chatting until midnight, lots of laughs and some great stories were told!
The next day was adventurous again. We all shared a huge cooked breakfast (on the barbie) and toasted an early morning drink (champers and orange and beer) to the ANZACS - " lest we forget ".

After breakfast we went on the koonacking adventure, and had a great feed for lunch. So, after another big day adventuring, we set off home from the weekend, tired, dirty and hungry!

SO, again i am reenergised after having some country air and have spent a lovely day pottering in the garden rearanging and changing the scene again, particularly outside.

The boys are enjoying their Guinea pig G-force, and we are discovering that they sure do poop a lot!!!!! I'm just going to pop on a few photos from the weekend and our new Guinea friend!

Adios for now!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Seashells from the beach, rose petals from the pink roses Beth gave me, and the gorgeous blue bowl, i picked up at the oppie...awww pretty!
To the right is Dee's beautiful hand spun wool, she spun for the boys, the old fashioned way, with love and passion and skill.

My beautiful sheets of handmade mulberry paper, I just love them!

Well, Well well where have i been!!! I have been completely out of the blog world for a time, Hmmm..... just a few months. Which doesn't mean that i haven't been doing anything creative at's just that my headspace has been preoccupied elsewhere.

Just enjoyed 2 weeks fab school holidays catching up with some very longtime friends and family...a quick trip out to M & D's farm, getting a quick feel for open space country life, very nice indeed. A four day trip to Bunbury and a day trip to Busselton with the boys, was fantastic. I feel reenergised and spiritually and creatively ready to roll again.

I've been You know moving things furniture and oddments around again creating a new energy in the home and doing some more pottering in the garden and with my pot plants. Last week saw me visit 3 op shops, whcih i picked up some amazing bargains...didn't need them, but liked them with a big thumbs so at a few dollars each who could argue, not Me!

I also visited the swap meet and came across a lady who sells beautiful (imported) handmade mulberry paper in all colours and it is sooooooooo beautiful. What a great find and soooo cheap at a $1 a sheet. Unbelievable will definately get some more from her.

A picnic and a trip to the beach found me some new shells to add to the collection. Yes i'm all inspired by beachy things. Enjoying my home life around other lifes instances.

We have a new pet tooo a male adult guinea pig called G-force or Mr G for short! A completely, random, spontaneous thing, but now we have a new family member and the boys will enjoy him immensley. Guess i will be left to clean the cage and protect the poor thing from their busy hands.

I hope you like my little pic's of treasures...and let it be known that, i'm back in the creative sing! la,la,laaaaaaaaa!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Well, it has been a couple of weeks since i made a posting, but hat does not mean that i have not been creative...maybe a little less, than previous while Mr B was away.
School is back, so a lot focus has been around school stuff and the occupation with the new playgroup forming at the school. I spent some time repainting, stencilling, and designing the Playgroup sign, which was enjoyable, tedious, and eventually rewarding, it was greatly appreciated so that is even better. Some things you do just for the love of it!

I also whipped up a personalised Chalkboard, which looks real nice with the name stencilled on, I'm sure that it will be an enjoyed gift. I put some nice ribbon on the back so that it can be hung on the wall too.

I haven't done any beading for a time, but starting to feel the urge to do some more , so we shall see what i may get into next. Au-revoir for now.t.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Blue Spider Chalkboard & Pink Flower Chalkboard very cute!!

The size of these is 32cm x 27cm and will both come complete with pink and blue sponge to match the theme colours. I am selling these for $20 each, if you would like to order one let me know, I can do other colours, which i'm sure will look fantastic.

Friday, February 5, 2010

♥Pink Canvas Heart♥
Bought some pink paint this week and of course with pink comes all things pretty!!! This really was so quick and easy...I tell no lie!

The gorgeous twiggy heart i picked up with few others really cheap for $1.00 each. The little crown I scored the other day on a huge, sale of Christmas dec's, this was the only one i got. I now wish i had got more, as you always do when you find something really nice to do with them. However i did get a heap of other Chrissy Dec's really cheap at 50c each. Which i can't wait to create something with. I even got a heap of christmas chocolate tooo...not that i needed that, but it was sooo cheap, so i had to buy it.

I think this turned out really lovely what do you think? As i don't have a pretty girls room for this, and if you would like to purchase it email it so we can make arrangements.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This is the complete look so far of the actvity area for the boys. It will not always remain this tidy, but then it would not be lived in would it. This is a fantastic new space for the boys, and already they have had hrs of fun and look forward to sharing it with their friends, so do I.♥

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Me Oh my! After having a thought about the boring old school table and chairs hanging around the house i had decided what i finally could do with them to give them a better and new life!With a purchase of some black paint, I got to it right away!
Using 2 cans of black spray paint I sprayed the chairs and legs of the table, and a few other accesories of course!! The desk top is painted in chalkboard paint = Chalkboard Activity table. The lion stencils a cute extra, are sprayed in silver. Of course then i needed something for the pencils, the silver pencil box and rope handles, seemed the perfect solution.

Then comes the Alphabet board....with creepy crawly silver bugs. Now I was really having some fun! So, what else could i do, ah yes a mini chalkboard, not complete without a silver spider friend. I will be making more of these too, so look out for further postings. Finally some number tiles for Jack to learn his written numbers and play with. I am yet to do the chalk holder but will post pics soon of the complete package. Not bad for a days work hey, and the kids had fun helping me and then playing afterwards! ♣

Friday, January 29, 2010

Just a quick fixie! I grabbed these 2 Nr new Black lamp shades from one of my haunts. The boys chose there stencils and i painted 3 on each shade. Cleaned up the Lamps which were in the shed gathering dust, put it all together and Bingo! The boys love them and it was so easssy! How cute is the Ladybird money box?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Revamped Frames - Not so long ago I asked Mum to look thru her cupboards for any old photo frames, two of which she handed me, where something she seriously dug out from a by-gone era. You know the brown plastic type, I'm really not too sure why Mum would have kept them in her cupboard all these years. Maybe she had a feeling that 30 years later i would ask her for some old frames to redecorate, and that they would be perfect for that project i had come up with.
So, Mum here are your tired old frames! You now have something to vamp up the old laundry with, as we know that you love spending so much time in there!! (It is a running joke in our family)
Spray painted powder blue and stencilled with 2 Flutterbyes (I am going to call them that, because i think they should be) and some flowers. The laundry Room sign is stencilled also (thankyou neighbour Nomes.)
A little something extra to go with the frames I have made and put together a gift basket ( which Mum gave me also). The tips and treasures jar is for all those pocket findsbefore the laundry, gets washed. So with a wave of a magic wand, I have something to give back, after having a lovely and much needed family weekend.
Love You MUM!♥

Monday, January 18, 2010

I confess!!! I think i may get addicted to making these " Fairy Cute " Frames. If you would like me to make you one for a gift, let me know i just need more frames, so if you have old frames pass them on, if not i can soon grab some more. I would love to make you one. Here I have painted a soft pink fairy, the other is antique white. Other colours i can do, just give me more time and i'll soon whip them up ♥

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I have been working hard trying to re-decorate my home to modernize and Funk it up a bit. Slowly but surely i'm cleaning the clutter and reorganising my home, and my life, to make a good start for 2010. Also so that i'm not going where the hell did i put that????

I have been finding loads of inspiration from other blogs. A visit to a trash n' treasure this morning, saw me walk away with my arms full. I am slowly but surely making progress! I love making old things new again and giving them that 2nd life. (I will be back for more!)

I discovered I had heaps of disused photo frames, which i have loads of ideas to redecorate them. Here is one idea i came up with yesterday. Personally i love it and it was soooo simple. So, of course when i really like something i do, I made more, and then I ran out of frames. Keep a future eye out for my Fairy cute Frames, as i have ideas for more!!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

I had this box for ages and decided it needed a change of life. So, with a fresh coat of paint it already starts to transform. The Beads to form the flower shape were from a necklace I purchased op-shopping for $1. Using a head pin i have beaded a small dk blue seed bead on each end, before putting on the aqua bead. In the centre of the flower are Diamond Crystals which were $3 for a pack of 10, from a $2 shop. The glass & mirror tiles, I had for ages too and with a few blue rhinestones, which are self adhesive and some hot glue, it all comes together. Now I have a new jewellery box!

The tealight candle deco I repainted Cream and added a few rhinestones matches nicely, with the box.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I love Summer ♥. The sunshine is so invigorating! I love to walk the beach, collecting shells and driftwood...I have containers full of them all sizes, all types, from places i have travelled. As i already have a large collection of shells, I tend to leave most of them on the shore nowadays. It also seems that it is one extra thing to carry home when you are loaded up like a pack horse with all the kids beach toys, towels, etc..
So, it is nice to be able to do something with all those collected shells! Here I have painted a frame and decorated with shells, and a few butterflies. I have added flowers and swirls to the inset of the frame, by simply using craft punches and matching paper.
The Bath soap caddy, was a wooden box that i painted cream, added some soft pink paper by using double sided tape, a starfish, shell and some ribbon. The letters are self adhesive and i just popped on some more cream paint to match the box...easy and quick fun!
Baskets and vases of shells are also great for decorating a room, and i know they have all been personally hand picked by me so that makes it more sentimental.♥