Saturday, January 30, 2010

Me Oh my! After having a thought about the boring old school table and chairs hanging around the house i had decided what i finally could do with them to give them a better and new life!With a purchase of some black paint, I got to it right away!
Using 2 cans of black spray paint I sprayed the chairs and legs of the table, and a few other accesories of course!! The desk top is painted in chalkboard paint = Chalkboard Activity table. The lion stencils a cute extra, are sprayed in silver. Of course then i needed something for the pencils, the silver pencil box and rope handles, seemed the perfect solution.

Then comes the Alphabet board....with creepy crawly silver bugs. Now I was really having some fun! So, what else could i do, ah yes a mini chalkboard, not complete without a silver spider friend. I will be making more of these too, so look out for further postings. Finally some number tiles for Jack to learn his written numbers and play with. I am yet to do the chalk holder but will post pics soon of the complete package. Not bad for a days work hey, and the kids had fun helping me and then playing afterwards! ♣

Friday, January 29, 2010

Just a quick fixie! I grabbed these 2 Nr new Black lamp shades from one of my haunts. The boys chose there stencils and i painted 3 on each shade. Cleaned up the Lamps which were in the shed gathering dust, put it all together and Bingo! The boys love them and it was so easssy! How cute is the Ladybird money box?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Revamped Frames - Not so long ago I asked Mum to look thru her cupboards for any old photo frames, two of which she handed me, where something she seriously dug out from a by-gone era. You know the brown plastic type, I'm really not too sure why Mum would have kept them in her cupboard all these years. Maybe she had a feeling that 30 years later i would ask her for some old frames to redecorate, and that they would be perfect for that project i had come up with.
So, Mum here are your tired old frames! You now have something to vamp up the old laundry with, as we know that you love spending so much time in there!! (It is a running joke in our family)
Spray painted powder blue and stencilled with 2 Flutterbyes (I am going to call them that, because i think they should be) and some flowers. The laundry Room sign is stencilled also (thankyou neighbour Nomes.)
A little something extra to go with the frames I have made and put together a gift basket ( which Mum gave me also). The tips and treasures jar is for all those pocket findsbefore the laundry, gets washed. So with a wave of a magic wand, I have something to give back, after having a lovely and much needed family weekend.
Love You MUM!♥

Monday, January 18, 2010

I confess!!! I think i may get addicted to making these " Fairy Cute " Frames. If you would like me to make you one for a gift, let me know i just need more frames, so if you have old frames pass them on, if not i can soon grab some more. I would love to make you one. Here I have painted a soft pink fairy, the other is antique white. Other colours i can do, just give me more time and i'll soon whip them up ♥

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I have been working hard trying to re-decorate my home to modernize and Funk it up a bit. Slowly but surely i'm cleaning the clutter and reorganising my home, and my life, to make a good start for 2010. Also so that i'm not going where the hell did i put that????

I have been finding loads of inspiration from other blogs. A visit to a trash n' treasure this morning, saw me walk away with my arms full. I am slowly but surely making progress! I love making old things new again and giving them that 2nd life. (I will be back for more!)

I discovered I had heaps of disused photo frames, which i have loads of ideas to redecorate them. Here is one idea i came up with yesterday. Personally i love it and it was soooo simple. So, of course when i really like something i do, I made more, and then I ran out of frames. Keep a future eye out for my Fairy cute Frames, as i have ideas for more!!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

I had this box for ages and decided it needed a change of life. So, with a fresh coat of paint it already starts to transform. The Beads to form the flower shape were from a necklace I purchased op-shopping for $1. Using a head pin i have beaded a small dk blue seed bead on each end, before putting on the aqua bead. In the centre of the flower are Diamond Crystals which were $3 for a pack of 10, from a $2 shop. The glass & mirror tiles, I had for ages too and with a few blue rhinestones, which are self adhesive and some hot glue, it all comes together. Now I have a new jewellery box!

The tealight candle deco I repainted Cream and added a few rhinestones matches nicely, with the box.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I love Summer ♥. The sunshine is so invigorating! I love to walk the beach, collecting shells and driftwood...I have containers full of them all sizes, all types, from places i have travelled. As i already have a large collection of shells, I tend to leave most of them on the shore nowadays. It also seems that it is one extra thing to carry home when you are loaded up like a pack horse with all the kids beach toys, towels, etc..
So, it is nice to be able to do something with all those collected shells! Here I have painted a frame and decorated with shells, and a few butterflies. I have added flowers and swirls to the inset of the frame, by simply using craft punches and matching paper.
The Bath soap caddy, was a wooden box that i painted cream, added some soft pink paper by using double sided tape, a starfish, shell and some ribbon. The letters are self adhesive and i just popped on some more cream paint to match the box...easy and quick fun!
Baskets and vases of shells are also great for decorating a room, and i know they have all been personally hand picked by me so that makes it more sentimental.♥

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

In light of the recent bushfires in Toodyay, the town is holding a benefit concert on the 3oth January with bands and entertainment. Organisers are also holding and Online Auction for the cause, any donation big or small is appreciated. If you would like to donate something for the auction please email the following address

I have put together a ladies and a girl gift sets for the auction. I wish them the very best for the event. The journey by those that have been affected, will be a long one and every bit helps.
Bless them all.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cleaned out the craft cupboard over the weekend and found a few things to create with. Simple things, some craft board stars ,a tray, and bits and pieces, that you think i can't throw that away i might use it! Combined it all with some paint, flowers, glue, beads, ribbons and "Voila" I created "The Princess Set".
The Princess Star is a photo frame which has a wall hook on the back. A jewellery tray for the gorgeous Lime & Pink matching " Girly Stuff " necklace. Complete with a matching gift card which has a beaded star, with flowers on the front. All up a great gift for a lucky little Princess

Friday, January 8, 2010

☻Painted Canvases by the boys, complete holiday amusement.

♦ Butterfly Wine Charms.

I have always thought that Butterflies should really be called Flutterbyes!☻

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Before Christmas I made a heap of Wine & Bottle Charms, these were great as gifts with a bottle of wine for Chrissy and were also lightweight when popped in with a Chrissy card as a gift.
Most of the Wine & Bottle charms say VINO Or WINE, but some have also read PLONK, WATER, MUM, DAD is endless really. Personalized Charms are great for B'days etc.
Along the idea of wine and charms I also made some great jingle bell wine charms for chrissy and other assorted charms including Butterflies, Dolphins, and Hearts.
These were great as little gifts and each time someone has a sip of there drink they can think of you..noice Hey! I also use them regularly, CHEERS!
I have just finished making some Label tags for the Me-O-Mi " Girly Stuff"Jewellery Collection. This is how they look. There is also a couple of new addition necklaces to the range.

Me-O-Mi "Earings" are made into a couple of different styles, mostly with glass beads. The first style is with Tiger wire and made into 2 hanging drops, I love this style! The 2nd Style is made on head and eye pins with glass beads. There are a large variety of the earings in my range. Selling at $10 each.

Me-O-Mi "Glass Beaded" Bracelets are beaded onto Tiger Wire. All Glass beads are used and are colour blended. There are a variety of colours as you can see in the pic' posted. All unique and designed by me. There are a couple of sizes available and should be tried on to match your size. These I sell for $10 each.

Me-O-Mi " Girly Stuff " jewellerey is beaded onto Tiger wire. The beading does not form a particular pattern, but uses the beads of the same colourings for e.g:- Pink/Orange tones or Lime/Bright Pink, I feel that the coulourings in this jewellery follows fashion trends. The ribbon ties match the colourings of the jewellery and add a more interest and i think style to an ordinary beaded necklace. I would sell these at a retail price for $10 each. Suitable for any young girls.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I have recently created the name Me-O-Mi for the label of my crafty creations. Why Me-O-Mi you say? It was difficult to come up with a name, that would describe my creations and the variety of things i like to make. I love handmade items and textures and colours.

As a little girl i could not say my middle name Marie, so called myself Leesa when this thought popped into my mind recently, i toyed around with the letters of the name. Me (as in myself) and O-Mi as in the name Mio but jumbled around. I also like the idea of the name as the expression "Oh My!" So, Me-O-Mi it is, and in general it is a label that says My Creations.

I find that when i get an idea i just have to create it! The adrenalin rushes and i have to do it now (or as soon as i can). I have many ideas, but having the products on hand all the time is another thing, and like most hobbies they cost money but, i do try to create from the materials that i have on hand. It also helps me to be more creative and use my imagination.

Being blessed with 2 boys, has not given me the chance to share the feminine things that i liked as a girl. I love making pretty beaded things and have recently begun beading again, which is a fantastic outlet for me..being a busy Mum.

I have always been creative and done many markets, fairs, fetes etc..over the years with friends and to sell the things i have made. I have created this blog for a bit of fun and to share my latest creations with family and friends.

These are a few things I have made recently: