Thursday, May 13, 2010

I am really excited to share so many little projects with you that i have been completing.

Recently I was given some frames to recycle and do something? with, thanks Don! I suddenly got inspired to recreate a new look for my front entrance area that has always been a difficult space to make work, that seems comfortable, as it is not a huge area.

Hiding in the shed was a very worn chest of drawers which i just love, and i had started to sand back some years ago( another incomplete project) anyhoo, thought i would just dust off the dust and move it back inside. I have added a great mirror that i picked up treasure hunting for $5.00.

Then too u can see in the pic, this is how i have it now. On the table top are some frames that i have made., going with the beachy theme.

I have been doing soooo many little projects this week it is really hard to share it all at once, so I am going to share a little each day for the next few days.

It is exactly the feel that is me, and i am so content in the earthy, rustic, beachy, shabby chic look, that completes my soul. So, all up one happy little crafter here. I have got the serious redecorate and craft bug its not funny, look out kids Mums on a creative roll, so don't stand in her way. I have managed to find time to feed and bath them, in between, and they have also helped me a little along the way..thanks

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Well as they say someones else's trash, someone else's treasure, which is the case this week when Don, was doing her clean out, she passed on some photo frames to me, in a variety of sizes and some craft boards. This Blue hessian, butterfly board is something i created today from one of them, actually i made 2, ready to sell at the next market. Staple gun, paint, hessian, and some ribbon pieces in my ribbon box...cost? Next to nothing.
These simple gift tags, have been stashed away for a few years now, i went mad on making them at some point, theyre still real pretty and will be put out for sale real cheap at my next upcoming market. I've put 6 in a bag and will sell for $1.00. Cheap!

A few weeks ago, when tripping thru one of my fav. weekend markets, my dear friend and I came across some gorgeous handmade mulberry paper. In many colours, so this week I made these pink envelopes with a sheet of it and stamped on a starfish. Bit cute i thought so i will be making some more......of course, more colours to experiment with.