Monday, April 26, 2010

Just a little bottle decorating, with food colour..looks really affective at night with the coloured lights.
On the back of the ute.

Koonacking adventure.

Below : Our new Guinea Pig G-Force. Above : View off the verandah past the wind spiral.

Had a fabulous long weekend!!! Joined friends for their wedding party, which was held on their farm, just a short drive and we were there. Old friends, and children everywhere about 30 or so! They had a ball, running free in the country side exploring and inventing games, they didn't stop all day. The company and food was brilliant and the day cam to an end. Rather late for myself and a few others that sat around the kitchen table chatting until midnight, lots of laughs and some great stories were told!
The next day was adventurous again. We all shared a huge cooked breakfast (on the barbie) and toasted an early morning drink (champers and orange and beer) to the ANZACS - " lest we forget ".

After breakfast we went on the koonacking adventure, and had a great feed for lunch. So, after another big day adventuring, we set off home from the weekend, tired, dirty and hungry!

SO, again i am reenergised after having some country air and have spent a lovely day pottering in the garden rearanging and changing the scene again, particularly outside.

The boys are enjoying their Guinea pig G-force, and we are discovering that they sure do poop a lot!!!!! I'm just going to pop on a few photos from the weekend and our new Guinea friend!

Adios for now!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Seashells from the beach, rose petals from the pink roses Beth gave me, and the gorgeous blue bowl, i picked up at the oppie...awww pretty!
To the right is Dee's beautiful hand spun wool, she spun for the boys, the old fashioned way, with love and passion and skill.

My beautiful sheets of handmade mulberry paper, I just love them!

Well, Well well where have i been!!! I have been completely out of the blog world for a time, Hmmm..... just a few months. Which doesn't mean that i haven't been doing anything creative at's just that my headspace has been preoccupied elsewhere.

Just enjoyed 2 weeks fab school holidays catching up with some very longtime friends and family...a quick trip out to M & D's farm, getting a quick feel for open space country life, very nice indeed. A four day trip to Bunbury and a day trip to Busselton with the boys, was fantastic. I feel reenergised and spiritually and creatively ready to roll again.

I've been You know moving things furniture and oddments around again creating a new energy in the home and doing some more pottering in the garden and with my pot plants. Last week saw me visit 3 op shops, whcih i picked up some amazing bargains...didn't need them, but liked them with a big thumbs so at a few dollars each who could argue, not Me!

I also visited the swap meet and came across a lady who sells beautiful (imported) handmade mulberry paper in all colours and it is sooooooooo beautiful. What a great find and soooo cheap at a $1 a sheet. Unbelievable will definately get some more from her.

A picnic and a trip to the beach found me some new shells to add to the collection. Yes i'm all inspired by beachy things. Enjoying my home life around other lifes instances.

We have a new pet tooo a male adult guinea pig called G-force or Mr G for short! A completely, random, spontaneous thing, but now we have a new family member and the boys will enjoy him immensley. Guess i will be left to clean the cage and protect the poor thing from their busy hands.

I hope you like my little pic's of treasures...and let it be known that, i'm back in the creative sing! la,la,laaaaaaaaa!