Friday, August 20, 2010

Brett Loved this camouflage dinosaur material so when i made the cushion he claimed it as his own. The boys didn't get a look in

The pokemon gift bag and little beanbag was a gift for Harrisons friend..who is made keen about Pokemon.

the heat bags got packaged and given away. Note: to make some more for gifts.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fresh Lavender and Rice to fill the heat bags.

This afternoon Donnie, Deb and I gathered around her lavender bush to cut some fresh lavender, for the purpose of putting them into heat bags. A Little one for Ainsley to take with her and I thought I might as well make one
for Don, Deb and myself as we all love the smell of Lavender. A Little reminder of Don's garden for her when she leaves and settles into her new state and for her new " Humble " abode.
Tonight I whipped up this quick cushion to go with a nice black fleece throw of Harrisons, it goes well with the spider material. I placed it next to him in bed so when he wakes he will find it.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

These two are for my boys......and the rest are for gifts. They could also be used for marbles or anything really.
I have done more but i think u get the jist of the idea of what i made.

Then I found these cute hankies and turned them into pencil bags, with the drawstrings. The ones with the cute yo-yo flowers are for the twins Lou-Lou and Scarlett.

Sew what next???

These headbands were fun to make too................and pretty!

Well I have been venturing into a new hobby SEWING!!!! This interest has been sparked by my friend who sews. We have been creating together some gorgeous delectable felt play food for our kids check them out at Food from pizza to pasta, to sweet delights, icecreams, and fruit and vegetable, well one vegie at this stage.
So with the felt food inspiration came more sewing ideas and the thought that yes i can do this. Hence Jacks Chef outfit. Love the Green check, being his favourite colour it looks great on him.
Mum delighted me with the gift of a sewing machine for my b'day. These are some of the things I have begun to create.......OOOOO it's fun isn't it!